Interview with Club 24 manager Sanaz Rahimi

Are you offering any special promotions to Cal Poly students this quarter?

So basically, we have a short term membership:  one month, two months or three months.  It allows students to use all amenities without having to commit to the contract.

How much is it?

The price varies by package.  Right now, three months is about $140. There are different specials based on when you sign up, so the price may vary.

You say on your website that your membership package offers the best rate for the best amenities in SLO.  Why is this?

We’re the only gym open 24 hours.  Some gyms charge for classes; our classes are free. Membership drops $5 a month. For 35, you’re getting the most for your money.

So membership is $35 a month.

After the enrollment fee. The enrollment fees vary based on when you enroll. Students use our gym for a variety of reasons, the most popular being they don’t know when the rec center will re- open. It’s under construction… you know how construction goes.  So they’re doing full membership. Classes are free here, and at Cal Poly, they cost money. And believe it or not, some people like that they can wear tank tops!

Which exercise class is your most popular?

We have so many!  All of our classes are really popular, from kickboxing to spin to Vinyassa [yoga]. The type of classes and level of instructors really is unmatched by any other gym. You spend your 60 minutes in the most effective way possible.  I have yet to see someone come out of a class not feeling energized or good about themselves.

Is the gym really open 24 hours?

On certain Fridays and Saturdays we close for about four hours in the middle of the night for cleaning, usually at the slowest times of the week.  Other than that, it is open around the clock.

Do you have a pool or any types of water activities?

We do not have a pool, we do not have basketball courts.

You’ve already said Club 24 is unique because it’s the only gym open 24 hours.  Other than that, what is one thing about Club 24 that you think sets it apart from every other gym in the area?

It’s a combination of three things:  cleanliness, customer service- we know all the customers by name- and quantity.  We have the most amount of equipment of any other gym.  Our gym is able to house students better because we have so many different machines to accommodate them.

Are there any sports teams or special groups that have memberships here? I know the Cuesta basketball works out at Kennedy, and Sigma Kappa has a group rate at Equilibrium.

SLO Blues, a local baseball team, works out at our gym.  I know Alpha Phi and GSP have memberships here; a lot of the Greek system uses our gym. UCLA Baseball works out here, Hawaii Basketball works out here… it’s a gym that’s more well known outside the big cities.

Is there anything you wish you could tell every person who uses your gym, like always bring a towel?

We have towels!  No other gym in town offers free towels.  We let people in without ID- because our staff knows everyone’s name and face, you just need your name to sign into the system; no ID, no card.  We are really good about listening to our customer’s comments so if they have anything they see can be improved, we definitely take it into account.

Is there anything else you would like to say to Cal Poly students?

We really hope our gym can help students stay on top of their fitness this quarter.  We always want to accommodate both students and the community, at a price that students can afford, or that their parents can afford.

It’s interesting to hear you say that!  Parents do pay students’ fees sometimes.

Yes.  We’re very mindful of that.  We are aware that there are costs parents have to incur.  We make it a good value for everyone.


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