Hi!  I’m Natalie, a 20 year old journalism student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, originally from Los Angeles, California.  Since being introduced to Cal Poly’s rec center last fall, I’ve become a regular gym rat, bouncing around athletic clubs and rec centers in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Utah.  After a brief membership at Bally’s, I am back on the road, investigating new ways to stay effectively fit on a shoestring budget!

This blog started when my university’s rec center closed for construction during Fall 2011.  Then, my goal was to test out a different local fitness facility every week, find out what they do for the Cal Poly community, and what they offer to students year- round.  It’s open now, but I’m continuing my research on different fads, trends and gyms.  I love feedback! I’ll ask a question at the end of each blog post and I’d love it if you’d comment back with any thoughts, feelings, answers or opinions.   Thank you for reading!


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