Hi!  I’m Natalie, a 20 year old journalism student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, originally from Los Angeles, California.  Since being introduced to Cal Poly’s rec center last fall, I’ve become a regular gym rat, bouncing around athletic clubs and rec centers in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Utah.  After a brief membership at Bally’s, I am back on the road, investigating new ways to stay effectively fit on a shoestring budget!

This blog started when my university’s rec center closed for construction during Fall 2011.  Then, my goal was to test out a different local fitness facility every week, find out what they do for the Cal Poly community, and what they offer to students year- round.  It’s open now, but I’m continuing my research on different fads, trends and gyms.  I love feedback! I’ll ask a question at the end of each blog post and I’d love it if you’d comment back with any thoughts, feelings, answers or opinions.   Thank you for reading!

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  1. thanks for your review of kennedy club fitness..i’m over at ymca in slo..its cheaper at 40 bucks a month, but its smaller, gets crowded, and the gym equipment is somewhat old there too..i guess ill stay at ymca though, its cheaper, and i dont want to pay any more then i have to…your review is very complete, and you gave the membership prices, although its from 2011….i cant even get that from the kennedy club website, you have to call them to get pricing.lol thanks again

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