Today is Thanksgiving, one of the most delicious holidays of the year.  I am still in pursuit of that six- pack, and hopefully, you are too!  Here are some tips for a healthy Thanksgiving:

  1. Take a multivitamin in the morning.  Sometimes, your body tells you to eat because it’s not getting enough of a specific nutrient.  Taking a multivitamin can prevent overeating and ensure that you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you aren’t getting from pie.  If you do it in the morning, it will be in your system all day.
  2. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in real time, and do jumping jacks (or crunches) during the commercials.  I guarantee you’ll burn 6,000 calories.

The Rockettes rehearse six hours a day, six days a week to prepare for their season. Show some empathy.

  1. Load up on veggies.  Thanksgiving is full of healthy foods, like lean turkey, fiberful green beans, antioxidant- rich cranberry sauce and vitamin- packed sweet potatoes.  Sure, most of these treasures are slathered in sugar and fat.  Forgetaboutit.  Go heavy on the colors and light on the gravy, and enjoy your holiday!

Stuffing has celery, onions and nuts. Yum!

  1. Don’t watch football, play football!  If you’re at a family gathering where there are younger relatives, start up a football game in the backyard.  Or a basketball game.  Or tag.  Or a nerf gun fight.  It might make you feel silly at first, but it’s fun and will keep you from feeling like a lummox later in the day.  If everyone at your Thanksgiving party is too old for backyard sports, arrange an active outing, like a walk around the block to look at Christmas lights, or a trip to the local park.
  2. Eat berries for breakfast.  I don’t have any scientific proof that this actually works, but one year I ate a can of Oregon blackberries for breakfast and it curbed my appetite all day.  Skipping breakfast is only going to make you pig out more during the main event, so don’t do that. Instead, wake up to something low- calorie and high fiber.
  3. When navigating the buffet table, here are a few general tips. Choose:

Whipped cream > Ice Cream (whipped cream = 414 calories/ cup, ice cream = 533 calories/ cup)

More air means fewer calories. Whip it good.

Pumpkin Pie > Pecan Pie (pumpkin pie = 316 calories/ slice, pecan pie = 503 calories/ slice)

Mashed Potatoes > Candied  Sweet Potatoes  (mashed potatoes with milk and butter = 237 calories per cup, candied sweet potatoes = about 302 calories per potato)

White meat > dark meat (white meat = 134 calories per serving, dark meat = 188 calories per serving)

Apple Cider > Hot Chocolate (cider = 94 calories per cup, hot chocolate = 112 kcal per cup when prepared with water)

Source:  CengageLearning Diet Analysis Plus

Find similar data on Calorie Counter or Weight Watchers.

  1. Don’t eat the appetizers.
  2. Wear tight pants.  And don’t unzip them either.
  3. Remember, you only get one day a year to enjoy this stuff!   Make the most of it.

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