After four years of trails, tribulations and technical difficulties, the Cal Poly Rec Center is finally open to the  student population.

The two- story center has three fitness studios including one spin studio, an indoor track, two basketball courts that double as volleyball and badminton courts, ping- pong tables, racquetball courts, an Olympic- sized lap pool, a leisure pool, sand volleyball courts and outdoor barbecues, which is curious because students aren’t actually allowed to bring food in the gym.  All beverages except water are also banned.  There are Brita filters for students who chose to bring their own water bottles but, let’s face it:  if you’re bringing your own water bottle (and it’s not clear or translucent), you can pretty much put anything you like inside of it.

Also a new rule?  The no tank tops/ modified t- shirts rule is out, and now student can wear all the skimpy but appropriate workout gear they desire.  This has turned the second- level weightlifting and elliptical machine lineup into a fashion runway.

For those who prefer not to flaunt their sweaty bods, the exercise rooms are open to the public when not occupied by classes, and you can even rent a key to use the studio’s sound systems!  How fly is that?  There are enough the medicine balls and Pilates balls to play dodgeball with (which I do not recommend).  Almost every cardio machine comes with a TV; the sound gets a little fuzzy on cable channels, but you really don’t want to know what they’re saying on MTV anyways, right?

Overall, definitely the best place to work out in San Luis Obispo.  This thing is the whole enchilada and definitely lives up to the hype and is well worth the wait.  Fitness classes start next week.

ADMISSION:  Free with Poly ID.  Sign in with the waiver form at the front desk.  They’re implementing hand scans this week.

$48/ month

$135/ 3 months

$488/ year for community member

All paid in advance.

What was your college’s rec center like?  Did you have one?  Was it worth it? If you go to Cal Poly, what do you think of the new rec center?  Is it worth it? 

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  1. Disappointed Alum says:

    Actually, I’m extremely disappointed with Cal Poly’s new gym. Aside from the blank stare I got from the kid at the front door, and the unhelpful, rude kids at the front desk (it is really that hard to point out where the locker rooms are?) is the fact that no one should have to pay $115 a quarter for a parking permit just to use the gym. A better deal would be the metered spots which are still 3x more expensive than the meters downtown. Even if you decide to pay exorbitant prices for parking, who decided it was a good idea to have the front door facing 180 degrees from the parking lot? I understand it’s convenient for student to walk in from campus, but is is really so difficult to have a door on either side of the building? I was there to work out anyway so the extra walk wasn’t a big deal but the awful customer service topped it off – I signed up with Equilibrium instead.

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