Cal Poly SLO Associated Students, Incorporated hosts off- site group fitness classes during Fall Quarte

Sports Sans Gym

When it comes to cardio kickboxing, Anika Kramer Wong knows how to get a group going.

“I’ve heard rumors that I’m quite intense.”

Currently  fitness instructor for ASI sports, Anika got into kickboxing at age thirteen. She received her certification in kick aerobics from Minorsan Self Defense and Fitness studio in her native Santa Cruz.

“My kickboxing class is a lot more martial arts influenced than other kickboxing classes you’d find at 24 hour fitness, for example.”

She’s no black belt, but she still keeps self- defense alive and kicking in her Sunday class. She might be a little intense in the studio but Annika says kickboxing gives a great release, especially during stressful times.

“Especially during school time, it’s a really nice release…. just take an hour out of your day and let it go.”

Because her class is on campus, it’s perfect for students.  Currently. ASI hosts yoga & kickboxing in the left wing of Chumash, UU 204.  Students can take yoga Mondays at 8AM and noon, Wednesdays at noon, and Thursdays at 8 AM.  Catch cardio kickboxing on Sunday night from 7-8.

ASI is already busy interviewing fitness instructors for classes next quarter.  We can expect yoga and kickboxing, as well as old favorites like six- pack abs and pilates, to be at the rec center next year.
“Hopefully I’ll be teaching Body Pump, a weights resistance class, at the rec center when it opens, if we get licensed to have the program.  It’s a great program.”

Lucky for students, group classes are included in  rec center membership next quarter.

On October 16, 2011, I’m Natalie DeLossa for Gym Rat.

Official ASI fitness class schedule (including disclaimers) here

On free classes:  Official statement here


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