Club 24

872 Foothill Blvd.

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


 Membership Required: Yes.  If your driver’s license says you are an SLO resident, you can get in for free with this day pass.  If not, a day pass costs $10.  If you choose this option, they deduct $10 from your membership fee once you join.

Membership Price: Varies, but around $140 for the quarter

Distance from the old Rec Center: .8 miles

Pool: No

Courts: None

Showers: Yes

I learned from the manager, Sanaz Rahimi, that many students are seeking memberships at Club 24 this quarter. “Students use our gym for a variety of reasons, the most popular being they don’t know when the rec center will re- open… you know how construction goes. Classes are free here, and at Cal Poly, they cost money.” I didn’t know that, since The Rec Center hosted free classes last year as compensation for giving us a refurbished garage for a gym.

So how much would a Poly student pay if they had a little faith in our college’s construction project? The answer varies, but Rahimi says that right now, it’s $140 for three months.  One month and two month packages are also available. Besides being geographically closest to the old Rec Center, the main exercise floor has a format similar to last year’s model.

“Our gym is able to house students better because we have so many different machines to accommodate them… and, believe it or now, some people like that they can wear tank tops!”

I hadn’t brought a tank top for my workout that day, but I had brought a towel. Rahimi adds, “We have towels!  No other gym offers free towels.”

After the interview, I hit the locker room.  The ladies’ locker room has three bathroom stalls and five showers.  Overall, I was surprised at Club 24’s small size.  The bottom floor has a reception area a snack bar (note: the snack bar is closed on weekends), locker rooms, and a studio where classes are hosted every day but Sunday.  The second floor hosts a full floor of elliptical and weight machines, free weights, a clear walkway some costumers use for lunges, and a carpeted stretching area with yoga mats, Pilates and medicine balls.  You can check out additional equipment, like elastic bands, from the front desk.  There is also a centrally located water fountain on the main floor.  Five TV’s face the cardio machines. The TV’s played news, sports, Futurama, South Park, and sports news. On Sunday at 6:30, the clientele seemed about 2/3rds male and mostly Poly students.  But there were some “members of the community” (ie old people) too.

At the gym, I usually run for 20 minutes, do 20 minutes of Pilates- style strength training, and finish off with 20 minutes of elliptical.  I know, I work out like a girl.  From the looks of it, there were plenty of dudes there to pump iron; at least five people peppered the free weight section the entire time I was there. I was especially surprised by the firmness of the Pilates balls and the shininess of the dumbbells.  For a place that’s open around the clock, they keep their equipment tidy.  Not a single machine was broken. True to Sanaz’s word, a friendly  staff member stuck around to make sure nobody injured themselves.

I was a little bummed I’d come on a Sunday, since Sanaz said the exercise classes always left participants “feeling energized [and] good about themselves”.  They offer yoga, kickboxing, spinning, and 20 minute abs, among others.  View the full schedule here.

“We really hope our gym can help students stay on top of their fitness this quarter,” Sanaz said.  “We make it a good value for everyone.”

Get the full interview, including how many hours a week Club 24 is really open, here.

What do you look for in a gym?  What’s your favorite way to work out?  Anybody use Club 24 regularly? 


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