Hi!  I’m Nat, a 20 year old journalism student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. It is September, 2011.  In approximately four months, Cal Poly will be opening ASI’s self- stated  “best Rec Center on the West Coast”.  Until then, Cal Poly’s 17,332 students are saddled with the Pre Rec center, located in building 19, across the street from the new center’s construction site. It contains around fifteen cardio machines and a handful of weight machines.  No bathrooms.  No water fountain.  Few lockers.

Under Construction

Poly Pre- Rec Center

The Cal Poly Pre- Rec center plays its music too loud, smells like sweat and is still waiting for normal body parts to arrive.  So what is the gym- going population of Cal Poly to do?   My goal is to test out a different local fitness facility every week, find out what they’re doing for the Cal Poly community, and what they offer to students year- round. I love feedback! I’ll ask a question at the end of each blog post and I’d love it if you’d comment back with any thoughts, feelings, answers or opinions.


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